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What official history has been created, done in timeline fashion.

Welcome to the DA Fantasia WikiEdit

DA Fantasia is a role-playing (RP) group on DeviantArt. Here, you can read about past plot, characters, and events. If you wish to visit the group itself, head to da-fantasia !

Members are encouraged to create and update their own character profiles as their characters grow!


Fantasia is a singular country. It has mountains to the north and is surrounded by ocean on the remaining three sides. It is divided up into four Cities (which act much like city-states), three of which owe their allegiance to the head City - Adysia, where the king resides. These four Cities have worked in tandem for many years. For the most part, they govern themselves, and pay taxes to Adysia. In return for the support, Adysia's military is stationed throughout the four Cities to serve as protection (though each City also has its own local law enforcement not related to the military). The other three cities are also expected to heed the king's commands, though it is not often the king must involve himself in their local affairs. Usually, the king's role is to keep all four Cities on equal footing and to handle complaints that arise between them, as well as handling international affairs.

However, lately, the situation in Xana has not been as well as it could be...

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